Celebrating S3 With A Spike

A supposedly straight one that turned cross. Oh well. I’m no volleyball expert (and I don’t even play) but I loved how these japanese animators turned such a common sport into something as exciting as Haikyuu!! And this is actually in response to that last comment (in my last post on Seijoh) by Hazelyn, about my thoughts on Season 3.

As first installment of my response (since I expect maybe to write another post or two after this, if I can’t help it), allow me to post a fan video of sorts. Warning: it’s crappy since I just cut-pasted it in Windows Movie Maker and I really just wanted it done immediately. Couldn’t wait to express myself, ohoho. It’s the story that’s on the forefront, anyway, so hope it pulls through in that sense. First time I heard that song by aimer, I quickly decided that it fits the thought I wanted to convey.

Ack, it’s Production I.G (slaps forehead). Ytube’s been very snobbish copyright-wise (grumble, okay, okay) and has been spitting out my vid so I moved to vimeo. Here’s hoping it works a lot better. If it does, I’ll consider moving there then. They allow you to pick your own thumbnail, too (wibbling).


Haikyuu AMV – closer [Ushijima-centric]
~ image link opens to vimeo ~

Happy To Serve You (Sniff Sob)

[ SPOILERS Incoming! ] — Post is subtitled, “Belaboring the Point is My Game Here.” Sorry (blows nose). I can’t help it.

Rewatching the Karasuno vs. Aoba Johsai final episode from Haikyuu Season 2 (after another bout of  the sniffles) forced me to take note of something. This is all just IMO, by the way. Feel free to argue and make me sob again (emotional blackmail). Ok, kidding.

See, I suddenly had this thought. Who the heck was down there other than Oikawa? Because, you see, I was thinking, if someone had been down and there, he probably would’ve still gotten that ball. So I figured, hey, what’s Seijoh’s  lineup again? It occurred to me that it just sort of breezed through my (semi) attention, so I ended up taking a screen cap. Real crude, sorry. I just wanted a peek.


From left-most, that’s Mad Dog, Oikawa, Hanamaki, Kindaichi up front and right-most, Libero Whatz-Hiz-Name. Shinji Watari. There, right there. Mister Libero.

Now if that had been Nishinoya, he probably would have gotten it. Right, right? Ne, ne? I know he would’ve. Snapped to it like a snake to its prey, diving for dear life. Sigh. He could have gotten it. I said that already.


The three became busy bussing the net – Mad Dog, Turnip Head and Makki – during that pivotal moment. Leaving  über Oikawa alone in the back in that nano-instant he realized where Hinata was at. That’s what I meant when I said that, if Nishinoya-tan had been their libero instead of Shinji-dude, he’d have gotten it.

Oh, wait. Iwa-chan was there, too. My bad. Then again, what’s the use?! He was maybe farther off to the right side of the court than Shinji, so yeah. Well. I know he’s the ace but maybe, yeah, he’s still not a libero, after all. Argh. Anyway.

So there, my friends, is the belabored point. Which Hinata already did to bits after the game, but I wanted to, as well. Over and over and over. Now back to your regularly scheduled program. Sniff. Sob.

Aldnoah Zero: What’s Written Down There?

I pretty much like tech and mecha but for some strange reason, I haven’t took at all to Gundam or Macross (I know, sacrilegous), or any of those old Grandizer or Voltron things. It could be the action. I have to find a scene at least that’s done creatively enough for it not to be a mere shot-em-up kind of thing. Or perhaps an attractive enough storyline to make me stop and sit still. Or maybe I’m just plain lazy.

I guess you can say I’m picky when it comes to anime; I don’t watch everything. And then you see one with the BGM done by Sawano Hiroyuki. Gurgle. When Sawano does the soundtrack, how can you not even take a quick peek? Seeing how he also makes his music in code. Kidding. Now that would be a waste to miss.

So, one night, I started to search for a preview scene of Aldnoah Zero off the ‘tube. This was the very first vid I saw.

I say, that was quite a creative way of getting rid of an obviously overpowered enemy, isn’t it? The final part where the lead character explained what happened to the dude made me smile. How quaint.

I know there’s been a lot of negative reviews on the series alongside the good. Admittedly, though, on my part, I usually end up ignoring those when I find something that catches my fancy. As I said, I don’t watch everything and possibly, I do miss out on a lot. So if I do say that this short clip alone intrigued me, I may not share the opinion of those who opine otherwise.

Personally, I’m of the opinion that a good story can stand even on its separated parts and tell its tale from there. I had zero idea what the series was about, but from this alone, I got the basics. Big bad filthy rich and mighty antagonist goes after puny rusty hero, thinking he’d win, but surprise! Okay, it may be cliche at its finest, but finely presented, that it does.

And, I don’t know, I can’t put my finger on it, but I find bland Kaizuka Inaho just truly charming as a button. I know, weird. Maybe you can just chalk it up to being the Rei Ayanami Syndrome.

Well, there. This isn’t really a review, more of a marker/plug. A short attestation maybe to myself that, contrary to my popular belief that there doesn’t seem to be any passably (sic) good anime out there anymore after Full Metal Alchemist, there may be a bit of something left.

P.S. It’s funny how the ‘tubers noticed the typed code on the screen (see comments). Nows that’s some pretty influential font change.

A Tale of Note-able Woe

My heart broke again today. Sob. Okay, it’s not the real kind of heartbreak (because I know how that feels truly, irk); it’s more of the inane “you-let-me-down” kind of thing one gets when an ultra-favorite musician of yours does something totally, utterly…heartbreaking. Let me break down again for a moment (goes backstage). Back.

Not going into detail, but it’s a drag when you find someone extremely talented – musicality, lyricism – and you find out that you don’t share that one very vital thing. So, in the end, I let him go. Oh, and I cursed that nasty woman of his and wrote her off the face of the earth. Huff. Sorry, got carried away.

Now what do I do? I’ve been wandering this place. There’s this, irked sigh, dude who’s been hanging around for some time now. He’s got great vocals, I must admit, but. Heavy sigh, I don’t know. The music’s on and off. I can count two that stand out. Other than that, hohum.

I don’t want to mention names. It might hurt more. In the meantime, I’ll just stay in the Hiroyuki Sawano camp and instrumentalize the days away.

The Mysterious Fighter

Just when I thought there wasn’t anything that could top their last hit, “Zero,” there hobbles along a video. Ooh, what’s this, I said. I love anime (starry eyed). No, wait, is this really an anime or not. The art looks very manga-ish. Hmm. An OAV or movie of some sort? A performance art piece?

Googling it revealed a manga called “3-Gatsu no Lion.” Haven’t read it yet but no matter,. I’m more interested in it as a self-contained moving object (haha).

Single: “Fighter
Released: November 2014

Wanted: English for “Star”

“Isn’t star an English word?” I have almost every English translated lyrics to many of Spyair’s songs, EXCEPT this one song I really really like — “Star” (from the single ‘Naked’).

Not surprised, though, it doesn’t seem to be as famous as the others. I hope someone tries. Japanese doesn’t seem to agree with me, no matter how much I try to learn it (peabrained!me).

There isn’t any translation for “Strong” either (from the ‘Rockin’ The World’ album). How come, people. These are really great songs. Sigh.

Just Don’t Show Your Face Around Here…

Is it really so bad to like just the music? I’ve been listening to Nico Touches The Walls for over a year now, and to tell you the truth, I don’t watch much of their videos at all. I prefer to just let Tatsuya’s smooth minstrel pipes speak to me in melody – without having to stare at his, um, mug.

(Okay, I’ll let you stare at his mug just this once. It comes with really 27635-andltahrefhttpwwwjpo-ruu4nice lyrics and its translation.)

One definite reason I do know is that he’s, um, not exactly my type. It’s pretty hard when my brain has a set impression of how I wish he looked like or how he acted, and then I see him in the flesh and I go, ehh. Maybe it’s similar to that fantasy element that fans have for their ‘idols.’ You know, when the fan thing gets too much and they end up writing about said center of attraction as the crowned prince who falls in love with his princess, or something to that effect.

Only in my case, it’s in reverse. I sort of reject the prince in the flesh and end up asking him, ‘can you just hand your voice over to me?’